Cause of illness in Human Being is due to Disturbances in Metabolism.

The causes of sickness is disterbunces of metabolism in human body.modern lifestyle ,stress,junk foods,polluted air & water makes our metabolism abnormal .

mother nature has created certain divine plants that has ability to correct the metabolism of our body. We at SWAGAT ,200 acres of our own land cultivates & grow these DIVINE plants. We extracts very precious phytocompounds by super critical extraction techniques. we manufacture products to cure.

  •   FLAVONES - Male Infertility
  •   FLORENCE - Vigour Vitality Virility
  •   B17- vitamins B17 Amygdalin /Laetrile
  •   B12- Vitamin B12, D3 & More..
  •   SFURTIN - Immunity Booster
  •   SAVININ -Psoriasis, Eczema
  •   SIBILIN -Leucoderma / Vitiligo
  •   SUBHALIN - Female Infertility
  •   SENSALIN - During Pregnancy
  •   SANTALIN - Leucorrhoea , Menopause
  •   STHYRA-T - Thyroids
  •   SPARKINS- Parkinson
  •   SUFLAVONE - Diabetes