Rs 300.00/ 30 Vegetarian Capsules
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Product Description

A new and revoluationary Natural product to treat rejuvenates the female reproductive system Ingredients used in flavones are natural unique , rare precious and never used before anyone and no side effect like chemical-synthetic products. subhalin capsule contains extract of more then 100 years old plant , and the extract is extracted by special supercritical extraction process to save the activity of the ingredients.

Product Indications

    • Hormonal balance
    • Ovulation Problems
    • Menstrual disturbance
    • Promote female fertility
    • Support reproductive wellness
    • Support egg quality & ovarian function
    • Promote a healthy ovulatory cycle regularity in women with PCOS

    Product Details:

    • 30 Vegetarian capsules
    • 100% natural
    • 100% vegetarian
    • No side effects
    • GMP certified

    Store in a Cool and Dry Place Keep Away from Direct Sunlight Do not Refrigerate


    2 capsule at bed time with milk or water